Friday, September 17, 2010

settle in Harvard

finally settle in Harvard today. what a beautiful city, amazing campus and people! I will be doing my post doctoral research in Harvard for one year, all for the little red birds - the finches. The lab and the professor are the academic giants. It is so exciting to chat with them and discussed the future plan, it really make my blood pumping when seeing the passion in their eyes : ) How fortunate am I to be able to do research with them! Well... It is actually a bit mixed feelings of exciting and nervous. Not sure if I can handle this important project... a lot of expectations and encouragements...>< I have jumped right in to the ocean, so i guess the only option is swimming forward, and no looking back. For this reason, I will have to reduce my fishing time and spend more time dancing with the DNAs...and noted, my future post will be sporadic and more science related... wish me luck in this chance of a life time. maybe more food reports in Boston, I hope! : )
There are many changes in the current life, fishing is not the only one... Boston life is totally a different way than the peaceful country style in Alabama. The people is such a interesting element in this city, and be honest with you, I quite enjoy sitting in the subway and watching all the different people come and go, old or young, rich or poor,energetic or lethargic, all kinds of interesting characters. Although a 45 minutes one way in the subway sounds a bit too long. The nearby great restaurants can really soothe my miss of Auburn football season... I miss the game day BBQ and Beers!


Grant said...

Congrats on the move, and get ready to head up to Gloucester to get you some stripers. My company is based in Cambridge, and I lived there for five years, so I know a bit about the food. My first suggestion is Mary Chung's in Central Sq. great szechuan food.

Phil said...

Doctor Mark,
Hope your research goes well I better be reading about in "Nature" by next year. While you are working with the DNA I will be changing diapers on three babies, not much fishing or painting for me either cha cha cha.


Thanks Grant!
I need more food than fishing at this moment... I definitely will check out the restaurant you mentioned here... I love szechuan dishes!

Hey Phil, thanks! Nature would be loooong shot... but at least that's what we are trying... winter time is coming, so might need to sneak out from lab work and do some painting... : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Mark,

I used to live just across the river, in the Back Bay. Wishing you the best time in Cambridge-you will love it!


Thanks Vlad,

Back Bay looks like a very interesting place to visit. Definitely on the first list to explore. I might need your help in the future! : ) BTW, I just found out some good student restaurants in the northern Cambridge. Very nice noodles...

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...enjoy Boston. I hope to get up for a visit while you are still there. Most likely Mrs. Manifesto will be along too. Maybe this winter when we're all ready for a few days away and good food...and drink of course.

Ross@Florida said...

Congrats, Mark!!! Hope you have a great posdoc experience there and enjoy the life in Boston.


Hey Cameron,

Anytime! Please!
There are some interesting waters around, it definitely call for glass rods... also some restaurants need to be explored together! : )

Thanks Rose,
Nice to hear from you! Will email you soon!!

Hitoshi said...

Congrats, Mark!!!