Sunday, March 20, 2011

let music soothe our broken hearts

Mstislav Rostropovich (LINK) One of the greatest cellists play Dvorak Cell Concerto - B minor third movement.
If you feel there are too much sadness to bear in your heart lately, this is a great piece of work for a unstable soul. My disturbing mind always getting better after enjoy this great performance.

About this piece of work, quotes from Wiki: the third movement was a tribute to the memory of his recently deceased sister-in-law, Josefina Čermakova. Specifically, the slow, wistful section, before the triumphant ending, quotes his series of songs "The Cypresses", Čermakova's favorite piece.
Dvořák's friend and mentor Johannes Brahms had written a double concerto for violin and cello in 1887, eight years before Dvořák's cello concerto. He corrected the proofs of Dvořák's concerto for the composer and hence he knew the work intimately from the score.[9] In 1886, Hausmann had played it at his home with Brahms' piano accompaniment, and Brahms is reported as saying: "If I had known that it was possible to compose such a concerto for the cello, I would have tried it myself!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Donation to Japan Red Cross



Dear friends,

as you know Japan is suffering from the big earthquake disaster at this moment. has set up a donation pages for the Japan Red Cross. I am sure the little money we give have very little effect to the people in the deep trouble. However, as part of the international community, I sincerely believe those good will wishes (little donations) will act as a good will seed that encourage more people to stand up on their own feet from the trouble. If you can, check out this Google page.

Here I offer two of my current paintings for sale in 50% off price ($75 each, free shipping). All the sale money will donate to the Google pages. see photos. Email me if you are interested in buying them. markyuhina AT gmail Dot com. I am planning to paint more in the near future for the donation. Mark

Monday, March 14, 2011

bird drawings - spoon-billed sandpiper

highly endangered spoon-billed sandpiper (estimated only 500 pairs around the globe. I have seen it 3 times in my life, so far) and White-breasted nuthatch (common in North America, saw 1 time, so far)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

drawing birds

I can't think of my life without birds... drawing birds are just pure joys and it really calm me is some stuff I am working on...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011


who doesn't like miso soup?! : ) I am a big fan of miso soup, it's one of the staple dishes to me. the secret of miso soup is to use the best miso you can get... then be sure not to mix the miso into the soup too early. You wait for the ingredients to fully cooked; usually tofu, herb meuga, onion and other stuff you wish (fish or other vegetable as i like).. then the finally step is just mix in some miso gently and few drop of rice wine and minced green onion. Never boiling the miso soup. It will reduce the rich flavor.
Check out this great blog - Savory Japan - for more information! great blog!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

beautiful casting

Check this out! beautiful casting - long lines

Sunday, March 06, 2011

essential elements in life

What is the 3 essential elements in life? I am thinking this silly question while on my way to the museum of fine art in Boston. (the weather is 47F sunny BTW... Spring time is in the air : ) )
What is the 3 essential elements for me? sun, air, water? no. Those are foundation of life! How about family, friendship and love? no, although those are as important as foundation of life, but not the essential element of life in me. Ha... it is so fun to stripe myself down and think about what is the key player in my life. I need sun, air, and water to be able to stay thinking, I need family, friendship and love to reflect myself and be able to survival. How about myself alone? look inside myself, what constitute me? What make me happy and happy to be alive everyday? Those are got to be essential elements in life, in me!

Ah-Ha ... I got the answer! It's Science, Nature and Art. Those are 3 elements in life in me! Without Science, my life would be so bored... without Nature, I would look dull as hell...without Art? how could I express my appreciation to the bright color in Nature? Now, I feel my life is fulfilled!

I visited the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. It's HUGE! another amazing discovery! I walked in the door and said to myself... This place is amazing! I want to be here as much as possible. The architecture is such a great art itself. The exhibitions are way cool than what I expected... I just ran into several Egypt mummies and ancient art by accident, what a amazing imaginations of those ancient people... The most funny/inspiration thing I noticed is that they used a lot of animal figures into the decoration, snake, dog, birds. I noticed the wings patterns has been viewed as luck, bracing with peace, just like what we would think in the modern day. And I can tell there are some power and wisdom to the falcon figure. So cool to see those bird decorations! What a wonderful visit! Now, I am a member of MFA, so it is unlimited visits for a whole year! I can't wait to go back : )

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mark's summer plan

My brother BG sent me this summer plan this morning... make me so hard to sit still in the office

Bryan's plan - Draft 1-

Mark will be flying in style on the red-eye. He will be landing in Bozeman where he will be greet'd, then loaded into a truck. From there, he will be traveling to almost legendary Rick Matney's quaint and humble home. He will feast upon local killed game animals such as deer, elk, and who knows what else. Oh, and if lucky some almost famous RM Breakfast sausage . He will fish "river xcd6032-1.7q" for a few days while boating trophs with legit tested RM pattens. Shortly after he will exchange a hand shake and maybe a bro-hug from almost legendary Rick Matney. He will then be traveling through the beautiful canyon, through Yellowstone National Park, on his way to the majestic Henrys Fork. Here at the proving grounds Mark will then test his full year of theories, patterns and style on one of the most technical fishery in world. He will be seen sipping tea in the mornings at the lodge and sharing a natty-light beverage on the river banks with established living legends such as Rene' Harrop. He will probably break his stupendous 25 3/4" record that he holds over his dear friend BG, who is coming in short at a mere 24 3/16". From here the good Dr. will be visiting some new steams with 'secret' fish. Here he will be learning a new specie while quietly yet very intense-ly studying pretty much everything that has, or might have, DNA. And alas, the trip is nearing an end, so back to almost legend Rick Matney's lair for one last day of fishing, some grub and some whiskey. Before dawn he will be traveling to the Bozeman airport with another year of adventure under his belt :)