Saturday, September 04, 2010

The gang - B&G

One of the interesting elements about the annual trip is that I got a chance to review what I have done and learned in the past year, as well as, what my brothers has done in the past. Years came by, we have this unique chance that not only exchange and compare thoughts that have evolved over time, but also see each other grow into different skills or “attitudes”. What really fascinating me in this 5th annual trip is that I have found a true classic character is shaping up in my dear brother BG. His open minded nature and “sponge like” learning attitude and creativity has made my jaw dropped more than one time. Although we got to exchange emails and packages very often, the really neat thing is to see how he interact with other people… For instance during the stay in Trout Hunter, no surprisingly we always had a difficult time “to wade out” from the restaurant and the front porch every morning! The reports and greetings just come like fresh stream air, from everywhere! What a nice group around him. I believe this has something to do with his kind and thoughtful mind as well. I am so proud of you! Brother!
I have a unique chance to fish with Mr. Rene Harrop and the chat was so wonderful that I got a quick glimpse of this flyfishing giant. I am still thrilled about this gathering… the topics were from CDC feathers to aboriginal cultures, and you can tell his passions about fish, land, culture and people. He mentioned to me that “It is great to have Bryan in the shop, we are lucky to have him!” I did not feel much special as he mentioned this statement like a normal conversation sentence. But, later BG was dancing like a little girl when I mentioned this conversation to him, (ha….), BG told me that Rene’s talk has a lot of weight to him and Rene is always serious about what he said about other people. Cool, congratulations about the great work and hard earned reputation! Brother.
Another thing has stroked me is the madness photography ability that BG has developing. I remember 5 years ago on the streamside “I” was the photographer and asking “him” to be my photo subjects… well… now the situation is totally reversed! I have to listen to him where to stand and where to cast… obviously “He” is the photographer and “I” am the subject! Ha… what a cool reverse. Needless to say… I enjoy it so much and got some chances to show myself in some famous FF media… is that cool!! : ) Keep up the great work brother! I am so proud of you!

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