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Pebble Mine In Alaska


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...November 14, 2008, Ben and I stood before 500 people at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, D.C. to show Red Gold [what an honor]. On the very same day, just a block away from the theater in the Bureau of Land Management building, President’s Bush’s staff put out a Record of Decision for the Bristol Bay Area Management Plan. It opened nearly 2 million acres of federal land surrounding the Pebble Site to mining exploration. 2 million acres. So while citizens continue to battle development of the Pebble mine on Alaskan State land, we now face the worst – Pebble amidst a mining district in the heart of the world’s largest remaining sockeye salmon fishery. When the Obama administration comes into office, our leaders of change will have 30 days to reverse this decision.

State Land. Federal Land. To me, the land classifications are borders drawn for management purposes. But in reality Bristol Bay and its pristine waters, the abundant wild salmon runs, the life this watershed sustains are global resources we cannot replace.
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The rhythm and images of Red Gold continues putting impacts in my head. I can not stop thinking and watching the movie over and over again. After receiving the DVD for less than 24 hours, I already watched it for 4 times. Every time I watched, the sorrow get deeper and I feel helpless. Although this is not the first time I involved myself in environmental issues. The sympathy and helpless feel just never worn away.
There are several thing I really don't understand. If we can not save this magnificent ecosystem in the 21 century in the US. What can we do for the tropical rain forest? If we keep picture this as a local issues, regional issues, and hand the decision to a few politician. What can we do for this planet? I am so confused...

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secret garden


This documentary film is just awesome! It's the one I have been waiting for in a long time. Great film! A lot of thoughts and scenes are boiling in my mind now... will need sometime to let them settle down...will write my review later...

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Mojo Brown

"If I got spare time, I would just go sleep!" It pretty sum my life up currently... busiest period of my life, but fruitful... So... I got a headache in last few days... internet search told me that I need to "be relax" to soothe the pain, let the muscle and vessels "to relax". Instead of went sleep, I picked up paintbrushes and had some good time! I called this trout as Mojo_Brown. Not only it helped me to get rid of some unpleasant headache, but also this painting is for a mojo brother. :o)

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need some cutthroat fix?

I know I do!! check out my brother's blog! Amazing fish there!
I will paint this fish for you! : )

Red Gold Movie

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Catch Magazine Interview in T.F.M

If someone has photo or video content that they would like to submit to Catch Magazine for consideration, is there opportunity for them to do this? And how do you prefer submissions?

O’Keefe - We really made Catch Magazine just for this. We want any and everyone to feel comfortable sending in their photos. A half dozen low res jpegs sent to us via e-mail is a great way to start the ball in motion. People can contact Todd about video submissions. It is really fun opening our e-mails and seeing photos from around the world. Most people are still sending in images that are a little to “editorial” for us. We like art first, entertainment second. Catch Magazine is “The Journal of Fly Fishing Photography, Film and Video”. Our contributor’s should think about creative, original and tack sharp photography first.

See more in depth interview (Chtch Magazine) in T.F.M Blog

Right click the link and download it to your computer. It's a good movie!
Right click the link and download it to your computer. It's a good movie too!

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want to publish your work in your own magazine?!
You got to check this website out! Amazing online magazine engine!

Happy New Year! 2009

Happy New Year!! 2009
The coming 2009 should be very challenging! But you can see my ambition! I wish myself equipped with the persistence and endurance to take the challenge! : )