Sunday, September 12, 2010

saturday hike

hike a bit, fish a bit... what a gorgeous day! photo by Ha-John


Anonymous said...

it was great to see you (finally, you are here). we have to do this more often!! we are up for NH or ME trip --- SN


SN, it was fun! Next time it's my turn to show you around! The sushi was really good!! it made to my dream last night, thanks for the treat!

flyfishingunlimited said...


It is great to see that you are already fishing and exploring new areas! Well done ;-)

Talk soon,



Hey Vlad,

It was a great outing, but because of drought year... not much action... we are thinking to go tailwater or mountainous fisheries...

David said...

Hello, Mark

Im David from Taiwan

Can I have ur email address ?
My friend and I have a plan about using a package to travel the world
I will explain this plan in details by email ha ~
Its really fun
: )