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kid's smile - seriously cute

Sometime it just got me thinking what we will have left for our children? polluted rivers, poisoned food or a shit loaded of politics mess... it's just heavy hearted to see about what's happening in recent days...

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looks like Tobbe was having a great time! Great works!

fall in the mountain

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from the new world - what's in me now..


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organic mongoose rice

as good as it sounds, support the agriculture practice that also save the habitat for the mongoose..

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canoe project

What caught my eyes is the beauty of connection - through a simple tool making, it connect people back to the environment. just beautiful!

Episode 1: The Fish Ladder from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

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Happy Father's Day!

If you like there are many father's days! eat something good to endure this hot weather! : )

Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan Rod few weeks ago I saw a post. It was an article about Tom Morgan. what a wonderful read about a legendary rod maker!! It reminds me a great trip I have last summer with a good friend - Brian! We were fishing the spooky Henry’s Fork – woodroad 13. He showed me his recent built - Tom Morgan 5 weight 8’6. Normally I can be careless about those “famous rods”, since casting is a skill not a tool… however, the feel of this Tom Morgan rod really got my attention. It just felt “strange”. The rod really felt light in hand just like a 3 weight rod, low swing weight, pretty soft, and even bend profile with smooth energy transition through out the mid section. Probably is the most smooth rod I have used, it makes me felt this is a really special rod. What really surprised me is this is the rod recommended by Brian. He is a competitive tournament caster, casting instructor and a professional guild. What the hell he likes to use this wimpy “cute” rod? I ask him “why”.. he laughed and say… try to drive this rod with power … when saying it, he simply pick up the rod and wiggle the line a little bit further, starting a clock rhythm - ”..pick up..wait…false casts once, twice… and drive it…” you see a straight laser line lay till the far end… Wow… the whole thing seems like unreal to me… his elegant smooth style matched the rod action so well that you felt the power was coming from nowhere…it was pretty amazing to see Brian burst a long cast with this little rod… I tried Ramsey’s method and enjoy the rod so much! It would be my next rod for sure… a 8’6 rod I never consider a good tool for a spring creek fishing (16 feet leader here) – needless to say a spooky trout habitat like Henry’s Fork…

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perfection is good, imperfection is good too!

THROUGH THE LENS with Rob Machado from Through The Lens on Vimeo.

There are great philosophy in this video clip, very inspiring!

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a bit old school, but it remind us all the good ol days! Rock it!