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Living in a dream - Harvard MCZ museum

Living in a dream - Harvard MCZ museun.
Harvard MCZ (museum of comparative zoology) is AMAZING! I can't be happier to have my office just in the museum! It is a treasure cave and a heaven for a bird lover!!
Just the other day we had a public touring event, we pulled out some amazing bird specimens, include this amazing baby! - paradise tanager! regardless almost one hundred years old soul of this cutie, the plumages are shinny just like a jewel! See how my hand was shacking when holding this pretty! How amazing! I am living in a dream to be with those amazing specimen! : ) If you are living in the NE Boston area, you got to visit this place! more to come...

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is a intruder fly?!

what is a intruder fly? some orthodox hard-cord tyers say: only flies that were tied from original materials and method can be called Intruder fly! Here is the suggestion for them. Look up the skgitmaster DVD1 - featuring Ed Ward. Intruder is a style of tying big profile fly!
I really don't have any idea how those hard-cord tyers come to a conclusion that everything should be on "original". If "original material" is a essential element in tying flies, I think I won't enjoy tying fly as much! The fun part of fly tying to me is NOT follow the instruction step by step, instead, it is SO fun to just use a idea and make your own! Just like cooking! see below how Mr. Ed Ward response to those people! Brilliant! I have been waiting for his response sooooo long!! Thanks Ed!
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Keep in mind...
...that the Intruder isn't just "my" fly. It is a collaboration of efforts of several individuals, myself, Jerry French, and Scott Howell being the most "public" of the "clan". An "official" definition isn't on the books. Personally, I consider it to be a descriptor for a general "style" of tie. If one were to see a sampling of mine, Jerry's, and Scott's flies together, there would be a perceivable difference between our ties, but also a definite similarity. That similarity would be the incorporation of a wound or spun "under collar" to provide a "propping up" of another larger-than-standard wound or hackled material in order to create a large-yet-not-solid or opaque, fly profile with maximum animation and better large fly castability due to the "size" of the fly being established via material "hydrodynamics" rather than "amount" of materials used. This under collar plus propped material we call "stations". We have Intruders tied with from only one station, all the way up to four, depending on size of fly. My "summer box" is stuffed with SINGLE station Intruders. I generally use deer hair collars on my stations, while Jerry and Scott are more into Arctic Fox and Polar bear. Our propped materials have ranged from Ostrich and Rhea, to marabou, turkey, swan, various pheasants, Arctic Fox, craft fur... you name it, we've probably used it. With the use of a little imagination outside traditional concepts of a fly, the opportunities for creating unique ties are almost limitless. We don't claim to be the originators of "propping" materials in flies by any means, but, prior to the Intruder, propping had not been a "mainstream" tieing method, nor had it been employed to the extent with which the Intruder has taken it.

Having a good time

Those videos just reminded me how much fun I have in shooting wedding photos..

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babies are joys and hopes

suddenly, our lab is full of babies! they are joys and hopes of our future! go babies! : )


Thursday, February 24, 2011

photography and projects

a very interesting talk, to see how a photography project was started from a scratch and come to alive... cool!

Monday, February 21, 2011

rusty brown

Phew... finally find some time and get my hands back to paints an brushes, 2011 season! A bit rusty, so called it "rusty brown" : )

Saturday, February 19, 2011

tying desk - Sat. at work

some beers, some jazz and classical, feathers and hooks... life is good!

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Happy Birthday to those born on Feb!

Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln today! and yesterday to Thomas Edison, 10 days from now to George Washington. 10 days before? it's a bird's birthday! You know, people born on Feb. always carry some imaginations! : )

Friday, February 11, 2011

Harvard in it's deep winter

It's cold! But we have a warm lab, great people, great lab and a lot of great works around here! I am truly appreciating to be in Harvard! : ) see how the fly color match the snow field under moonlight! Inspired by those positive energy! : )

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Reading those kind of news is just sad and disturbing! "Finding crabs on the bottom of the ocean isn't that big a deal. But here in Antarctica, crabs haven't lived in coastal waters for the past 40 million years. Until now, it's been too cold.""...What's happened is that the waters around the Antarctic peninsula have begun to get warmer. The air temperature has jumped 6 degrees Celsius (10.8 degrees Fahrenheit) since the 1950s, while the average ocean temperature has increased by 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) over the same time." continue reading LINK

ski, not fishing

Warning: This video has nothing to do with fishing....What I love about this video is because it share the same excitement during traveling... To the unknown destinations, I feel it...

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ProTube rocks!

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i made some flowers for you E. take care!

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a letter to Minister Shea - Canada

Dear Minister Shea

Many people are concerned about the state of wild Pacific salmon and whether your Ministry is doing enough to maintain these fish. The reports that the Fraser sockeye maybe infected with a retrovirus is disturbing and alarming. We, the undersigned, believe your Ministry, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), has the responsibility to do everything possible to identify what this virus is, where it came from and if its’ affect can be reduced. To that end we are writing to inform you that we want DFO to do a genomic analysis and appropriate tests on farm salmon, both Chinook and Atlantics, for retroviruses. We also ask that you do everything possible to confirm the identity of this potential virus. Fraser sockeye are an important food source to thousands of people.

This is the only responsible action that you can take. There is no good reason to avoid this investigation. We need to be able to move past this. I let people know they could join me in making this request to you. Here are their comments and names
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