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inspired by college students...

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Environmental Minded Photographers

I love documentary photography. Use camera as a tool to freeze the moments that I feel, I interpretate in my mind. Not pursuing a pure form of beauty, but the connection between human beings or human and the nature. Years ago, my friend from Japan sent me this weblink. I was so shocked when I first saw the images. It remind me why I love wandering in the wilderness so much, I feel the connection between human and the nature, I feel proud to be a human beings again. Enjoy it!

Backpacking! Count Down 9

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Moonlight - Beethoven Sonata Op.27 No.2

listen my iPod while fighting fish under moonlight...heeba!

stonefly hatch

Have you seen stonefly hatch?! Nope, never something like this to me... Andy just post some amazing stonefly hatch photos in his blog... if you never seen stonefly butterflying... I encourage you to check out his blog...

HUGE honor to Yuhina

It's a huge honor to yuhina illustration and Me! A great artist, Mike Reagan (Graewolf Studio), has kindly enough to offer a original work exchange with me. An great honor to me! Few days ago, the original map of patagonia and few other prints arrived. Words can not discribe how amazing they are, neither my scanner can judge the true vivid colors. Just want to share this excitment to friends and families. Mike's watercolor works are full of rich details and also surrounded by charmy mystery atmosphere. It's quite a adventure in viewing his great works! Just like the fiberglass rods we love to fish with! : ) Thank you! Mike.

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Striper Thrill

full moon, full swing

Utah Count Down 8

Axisco vs. Fenwick

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A great report from a friend - fishing with kids

I just read this great thread from a forum, and I thought if this thread can give me some sweet smile, it should give other people the same feel as well. So here is the link.
I am a photo gig as always and this is a heritable character that I got from my Dad. You won't believe how many photos we have now... a room... no kidding... My families love taking photos and so do I. I was really into documentary photography when I was in my college age. Literally I was living in the darkroom. I especially love the documentary photography. I will stare on a old family photo for a while, just try to figure out some funny questions...e.g why there is a dog in that photo? what job they have? why they have funny hairdo? This is trivia, but I love the process of making a connection...yes I love day dreaming too. Good photos share similar elements. One of them is "the connection" between photographer and the subject. This is the connection that convert photographer's concern into the photo, or say the concerns later emit from the photo to people viewing it. I believe this this the elements attract me into the documentary photography. A famous French documentary photographer Eugene Atget, express his concerns to street people. His photos set up the fundation of this connection, even he use long exposure, tripod and glass plates. The images speak by themself, even they are monotony and blury.

I love family photos! And enjoy seeing those connections in them. Cameron's photos always speak by themself. I think he got "special eyes". Hope you enjoy it too.

Rinsui Landing Net very cool site, very beautiful burl landing net!

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salmonfly hatch

J.W Young and Son reel

I was fortune enough to obtain this reel from a friend, Ron, a master of fine tuning J.W Young and Son reels. This reel showed some history of fishing, (probably see more fish than I do) this is the main reason I bought this reel, not only the beauty of the pure art, but the history of it. Sure enough and out of my expectation, this reel is really good regard to "actual" fishing.
Some of my friend may say: " Oh, Mark love fancy, large arbor reels". I confess, but this is only partially true. I am a fisherman more than a collector. I fish hard with my every piece of equipment. If I have equipment more than I can take care of, I always loan them out to my friends to “train them” : p “Function” is the top priority to me.
This is probably is the main reason that I am late in involving in the antique reels. I “thought” they are old and not be able to perform well. My loss, indeed : ) The actual fishing with this reel really prove itself is a well functioning reel… this reel’s smoothness and beauty is really blowing me away. This reel is 3 1/2 inches in diameter, not a large arbor reel obviously, so I fill up certain amount of backing and it become a mid arbor reel. It is a good news to me, because I retrieve and strip my line “a lot”. The reel is just pure beauty, an artsy reel! The sounding and the smoothness of the reel is really a bonus, A plus! As Ron mentioned in the description: 3-1/2" Beaudex, LHW Conversion

I'm sure you can find a reel with better cosmetics, but I'm also sure you can't find one with better mechanics. I rebuilt it with a new latch plate assembly, tuned it to LHW , and moved the line guard, drilled and tapped to the original thread. Function of the check and tensioner is perfect. Wind is effortless, pay starts light and comes on quickly with the Regulator adjustment. Weight is 7 oz., which is right for 8' to 9' cane or glass.
Capacity is a DT4 or WF7 with ample backing.
I can offer it with a brass YoungPfoot, which will fit any reel seat for$, shipped, insured (within US - I can quote international shipping).
Or, with the original square-ended foot, which should fit anything except the most modern sliding bands, for $.

fly patch

I am not really a dryfly guy, as some of you noticed, my dry fly box is always "skinny", and most of them probably were Elk Hair Caddis flies. One of the reason, to me, is too much work for dryfly fishing... how come? I have to constantly put up a floatant to make the dry flies float well. I need to shake the extra water off and have to do the extra cast. The fish are always picky about how the dry flies look...I have to constant change flies to coax them up. When I hook into fish, the dryfly is done of his work that day... I need to change a fly again. Well, the reason I like Elk Hair Caddis is because they are the exceptions. : P Ha... I am a lazy guy, I know... though I have to agree dry fly is the ultimate and most exciting way to take a fish. OK, I am getting back to dryfly fishing after practiced so many different nymphing techniques, because one of the Utan guy really light me on about the essence of dryfly fishing. His "caddis dance" in the evening are the most crazy thing I ever seen. I am convinced! And sure enough my biggest trout was taken on a caddis dance on a mid-day.

The fly patch arrived "just" on time! Thanks Hitoshi. This dry fly patch is only available in Japan, and I haven't seen any of them sold in the US. Neither saw them on the streamside (maybe I did not try hard enough : P). This patch is made by C&F company (Scientic Angler (C) distribute their products in the US, some of the CF fly box sold in US has pins in there too), very similar to regular foam patch. The patch is so light and well organized. The neat thing is they have several small pins just beneath the patch, I can load up lot's of flies in those pins (it works like fly dispensor). When the fly get wet, simply snip it off, and put the tippet through the pin, quickly tight one on. This work especially well if you know what you will be using that day. I know there is always PMD hatching in the Aug in the mid Provo.

I have been looking for this patch for a long time, I saw this from Japanese websites and photos from fishing reports. But I never get a chance to own it. Last month, when I open the gift package, I can't believe the patch is in there... one of my dream tool : ) dryfly fishing, I am coming!

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catch some sunfish, and hopefully, hook into some stripers "accidentally" : )

the complete angler - 6

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bass pond- layback fishing

Although there is nothing close to the excitment of striper fishing, I do enjoy layback fishing- bass pond fishing. Sometime I just want to spent the time with friends, with the family and have something holding in your hand, "pretending" I am working on something... a drink or two, some beef jerky and an occasional surprises make a great day easily : )