Thursday, September 02, 2010

Henry's Fork

Before this trip, Henry's Fork is just another famous name / brand that I have read many times in articles and magazines. Yes, you can also find it on the book "50 place to flyfish before you die". It seems this is "the place" to fish, however,to me, this kind of famous place never seems has an extra enticement or power to me, it seems a small mountain creek that just flow out of a mountain forest will do the same. For a analogy, a enthusiast birder as I see myself, I never pursue a life list in my bird watching career, never marked off a species that "is done". because even a common house finch, or a common mocking bird still worth a close investigation every time I see them. It would be exciting to observe more detail behavior in any kind of birds actually... fishing to me is in the similar formula... I could be very careless about what river I am fishing, but more care about whom I am actually fish with; careless about what fish I am catching, but care about what method I am using and how the fish react to my fly per se... I guess it is all about "the process"... (ok, no more preaching )

"Trout Hunter on the Henry's Fork" is the place changed my previous thought about famous place, well... at least I discovered it myself, not from any articles and books. Trout Hunter is a flyshop, lodge and bar and grill that just located on the riverside of Henry's Fork (about 50 steps from the water actually)... believe it or not, they are not only doing the flyshop business in a great way, they do everything on a really high standard. The experience is whole packaged! Sounds they are paying me to do so... Ha... no... I am just telling what has striked me in this place... the people and dedication of flyfishing... Everyday we started off a great cup of coffee from the shop and start our way "wading out" difficultly toward the parking lot... why difficult? because of the people here... all the people were hanging out in the restaurant and the front porch... talking about fishing and everything from bugs to natural observations. It's amazing to see the passions that dedicated to flyfishing in those folks... I can see the light in their eyes... whether they are 18 years old young guns or 65 years old veterans... again, the people in this place make it shine and it is so amazing to be part of them... (to be continued)


flyfishingunlimited said...


Wonderful post... Very happy to hear you had an incredible trip! You did not miss much by not being in Boston...The shore fishing was pretty slow over the past weekend and I hope it will heat up in September.


Hey Vlad,

Sorry to hear that! hopefully next time when we meet up the fishing would be heating up. We had a blast in the west. Not many fish, but the quality if top notch. I will post more photos later... talk to you soon! Mark