Friday, September 10, 2010

Moonlight meadow

one of the cool thing about the yellowstone national park is it's road system and design. Along the road there are so many accesses to the river, creek and meadow. You like it, you pull over and fish it! So many beautiful spots to fish! It is especially good for new angler like me. You even can check if fish are rising when you drive (though, this is NOT recommended for safety's sake!)
One evening, I was on my way back to west yellowstone. I saw a samll meadow on the road side, elks are grazing under a amazing light... I just can not resist to take this photo. This is the exact meadow I fished the other day under the moonlight.
I took my time to enjoy the scenery. What a peaceful meadow. I know the caddis fly will be out soon. This river has a lot of volcanic rock along the bottom, so there are so deep pool and eddies, also a lot of aquatic vegetation. It is a call for wetfly swing... I observe and wait patiently. Soak every peaceful moment that the river has to offer. Sure enough, a gradually gathering caddis fly dancing along the river surface. I also saw some unknown moth along the creek. (it was spruce moth, later someone told me). I put a light colored elk hair caddis as my indicator fly, trailing with a caddis pupa to imitation the hatching situation. Surprising the fishing was tough... the fish were rising frequently and I know they should after the pupa, because of the incresing caddis activities... I try to make a precise presentation combined with down stream caddis dance and swing... maybe the size is a bit off or the color isn't right. I did not get a hook up until the light start to vanishing.. and the moonlight start to set in... wow... a monlight meadow... so beautiful. Exciting can not describe my appreciation! I switch to smaller pupa... finally i got an answer from a rainbow trout... quickly I took a stomach sample, just to fill my curiosity about what insect they are eating... nothing come out... this is a hungry guy, haven't eat anything I did not get anything from the stomach pump. After few swings, I got another brown trout... again, nothing in his stomach... JEEESE... I still don't know what kind of caddis fly they are eating... well... I guess I am a bit green on this river. But for a beautiful scenery like this, I think catching isn't really matter... I am fishing under the moonlight! how cool is that! : )

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