Wednesday, September 22, 2010

gifts after gifts

10 years ago, one of my good friend (F) sent me a watch as a graduation gift and said to me. this will be good for the field work, it's a watch I treasured so much and also helped me so much in the field research. It accurate display the altitude and temperature (left side of the photo). Now, this past month, another good friend (N) and his family gave me another watch and said "we felt the watch is a bit old and thought you might need another one" This new watch (right of the photo) has altitude, temperature and compass... 3 sensors and it use solar energy! It's a amazing machine, I have used it every day in Boston. Especially the compass function that really helped me when I got lost in this new city! @@
While those two watches are totally functioning well, I will have to take turns to wear them! They are not only great tools, but, most importantly, it remind me the wonderful friendships and memories we have, in every minutes! Thank you! my friends..


Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...where would we be without good friends? I know I am blessed.


Very true! Cameron.
How wonderful! : )

nell said...

Those are both awesome watches! And it sounds like they came from awesome people too!


Hey Nell,

They are!
they keep me on the right track! both friends and watches... : )