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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The One Rod Policy

Flyfishing many years, I have gone through many rods, long, short, stiff, soft, expensive or cheap... different combinations. Now, I have stonger and stronger feeling developed in my head. That is what if I only can use one rod. What rod would be the one? This is a funny question and have been broght up many many times in public forums. But I doubt people really think about it, really seriously consider this is the important question. Well, this is maybe NOT important at all if we are really dealing with rod number per se. Because you can easily own/afford several rods by following what magzine feed you. What I am try to figure out here is the other perspect of fishing. Maybe I should re-phrase my quesion as what type of fishing you (I) enjoy most? I enjoy backpacking and fishing in the mountain most, if I only can use one rod. That would be Mcfarland Fiberglass 3/4wt 6-7 ft 5piece or something similar to that. This question was enlightened by a obsevation of recent outings. I was fishing for striper in a big river, the other young man was using a lure quite masterfully. Honestly, I was very surprised by his great distance and accuracy, his skill admired me. Maybe I am just not a good spey caster, I am working quite hard compare to his little lively lure. His lure was sexier than my fly, if I am a fish, I will eat his lure first. Am I going to use lure? No, Definately not. I am not standing in the river fishing for fish... I like fishing because of the fly. The fly type of fishing : )...

On the other hand, if I only can use one rod for nymphing... (for some reason I enjoy the "zen" of nymphing a lot.) I would say the rod should be SAGE XP 590. This is a amazingly sensitive rod... you feel your hand is touching the river when the fly is bouncing... I first use this rod when I was in Utah last summer. I hold this rod for about one minute, I quickly realized this is the ultimate rod for nymphing, period. It weight like my other 3wt rod, feel so light and so sensitive. My flies dip in the exact spot I want it to be... I feel I was using laser pointer to feed the fish...Weird ha... My favorite rods across the soft and stiff ends.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

complete angler 4 & 5

#32 dry fly

reel bag and #32 dry flies: flyfisherman? artist? or both!

bass pond

Monday, June 23, 2008

on the position

finally got the right line set up... great feel...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

for Taiwanese friends and the family

今天星期天 心情好!
下午在回家途中, 想說:來做個豬排飯吧! 好久沒吃了!(高級品可不是常吃的到的!)
前往就近的KROPGER超市 果然有新鮮的里肌肉切的好好的擺在架上  好! 腦海中記的媽媽的叮嚀 一點薑 一點蔥 醃一下醬油 順便挑了一下花椰菜(心裡想著, 該吃ㄧ點蔬菜了吧!)
在轉回家的途中 下起了雷陣雨 心裡想著,這樣的雨天能夠開著車實在是一件很幸福的事!在這樣炎熱的天氣裡,我這老老的小卡車,竟然也能吹著涼涼的冷氣,播著輕快的音樂...恩 幸福幸福 :)其實幸福就是這樣單純的快樂 不是嗎!偶而自己弄點好吃的! 恩 這就是我今天想跟大家說的! 報告完畢!: )

Dream creek tackles - Hitoshi's set up

Some beautiful photos that Hitoshi sent me. I am dreaming to get one of those gorgeous rod and reel : )

Full Moon Charms

fishing vintage

Friday, June 20, 2008

Japanese Trout Mania
A interesting fishing site, with beautiful Japanese trout.

travel to remote area

catch some steelie...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

flies from Japan

gift from Hitoshi... just beautiful...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Overview of the Christmas Presents.

Wow... and I am speechless... you see the red bag in the upper right, that is "the" reel bag (Hitoshi promise to send )and she (the bag) brought lot's of friends with her! @@ Includes the fly holder I have been looking for a long time... even in the trip to Japan yield no result, and now it id here in my hand...unbelievable! Thank you Hitoshi!
Japanese flyfishing has evolved in their own way since it was introduced in the mid 19 centry (If I remember the date right...: P). Those special simplist fly patterns were presented by a fine small bamboo rod delicatedly in beautiful gen clear mountain streams, just like it was introduced centries ago. It is the essence of flyfishing to me. The left row of the photos were the fine catches of Japanese trout from Hitoshi. It is astonishing beautiful bamboo rods with classic reels, and of course the beautiful trout! I love those photos a lot! I will put a frame on it! : ) more specific introduction will coming soon...

Received early Christmas Presents!

I received a secret package from Japan today. It is from another avid flyfisherman - Hitoshi san. It supposed to be a awesome reel bag from Japan with tea flavor in it. But for some "unknow reasons" it grow and grow really BIG, become a BOX of survival kit in flyfishing. I am so excited now! It would take a while for me to introduce those magic tools to dear friends. Thank you! Hitoshi! I was jumping around like a kid received a chirstman present.

Yvon Chouinard - Returns to the outdoors

fly fishing is just an excuse... "if you really want to catch a fish... use worms or dynamite.."

photoshopping fish

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Red Shed - Poppy's shop

The shop I really want to visit...

Monday, June 09, 2008

wetfly patterns

A great wetflies website Donald Nicolson's fly pattern Site. A friend of mine just sent me this web link about some traditional wetflies patterns. I really enjoy this site! Lot's awesome traditional fly patterns. I like simple, elegant, and effective patterns just like those...the history behind those traditional flies just add a bit nice "flavor" to it... enjoy!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

a series of documentary films worth your attention...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

saturday video

Pros in action

First light swing

First light swung a fly through the current... it was so great to be in the first light celebrate the morning with birds... just a couple hours out and I feel refreshed again! : )

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Morning Gifts

Every friends' visit is a gift to me. You never know how they going to enlight you, old idea or new. And the good fishing is just another bonus. A friend visited me this morning. We had a great morning today. I brought Marcus to my secret spot which I haven't visit for a long time. The fishing was awesome and most important, the friendship is wonderful!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Beer, Conservation and Nudity - All Good!

I remember a friend sent a nice post card to me while he was fishing in Colorado. It's a post card painted with beautiful beer bottles and a fly rod. It was a very nice gift! It turns out this beers company is not just "a simple minded" to make a good beer. It is a pretty "complicate minded" company that have several beautiful elements that I like in there... Beer, Conservation and Nudity.... Yeah! I love them all! Check out there links and see how nudity will save our world.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Count down 5 - the rod

I wish I have bought this rod...

About time to tie again!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Magnolia Announced the Summer

Bone Fishing

Fishing is just an excuse. Explore and learn is the real thing.