Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like bananas."

by Tim Rajeff,

When should I hit it?

If there is one fundamental aspect of casting that will improve a person's enjoyment it is knowing "when to hit it". The term "hit it" refers to the burst of acceleration used during the casting stroke. All good casters are able to use different amounts of speed and acceleration in their casts depending on the rod action and power as well as the type and length of line being cast.
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It's a Saturday relaxing afternoon, I have nothing to do but surfing the internet, checking some new products and checking some websites. Tim Rajeff, the founder of Rajeff Sports (Echo rods), LINK. has continue putting up some interesting articles and videos in his great website. I always have a lot of fun reading his articles and also watching his videos. He is such a humorous person. I really wish I can meet him in person and shake hands with him! I have owned a Echo Decho 5122 rod. A very wonderful rod. If you are interested in buying a new rod. check out Echo rods! LINK

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