Friday, July 23, 2010

italian sausage pasta

as delicious as it sounds!
grill the Italian sausage with olive oil until it reach full gold brown, crispy skin. then prepare a new pan while you are boiling the angel hair pasta; and let the sausage cool down a bit. Heat two spoons of olive oil in the new pan and mix in some garlic. Cut the sausage into "one bite size", mix it in the garlic pan. Put in pasta sauce, well mix it to until the bubble come up from the bottom. That's it! For summer dish, I like to add a bit fresh ginger root on top of the noodles (or basil leave if you don't like ginger). This will give you a good contrast of the freshness and the enriched protein! Good with the beers too! : )


flyfishingunlimited said...

Nice recipe, Mark! I love Italian food, and have some recipes I learned from Italian friends. Boston is going to be a great place to taste some nice Italian food... I'll show you a great restaurant in my old is also 5 min walking from some of the best fishing spots in the harbor.


Wow... that's awesome!! I got to thank you in advance! I LOVE Italian food!
It reminded my I have a good fishing spot in Atlanta that only 5 minutes drive away from the best Sushi restaurant in town... ha... very cool!