Wednesday, July 07, 2010

forgotten gifts!

one of my close friend Jen, from Calgary Canada, know I love flyfish. so, she sent alone those wonderful gifts to about 7 months ago. that's right... about half year ago! As the season tuned into trout minded, I think I am in a great shape. I remembered those Elk Hair caddies flies just on the right time! Thank you Jen! I love those patterns! I will use them for my summer trip to the West! I love the calendar and DVDs too! Wooden kayak is the king! : ) BTW, next summer I will be heading Canadian Rockies! Be aware! : )


Lightmist said...

You are welcome~
Next summer.. waiting for you!!
Take you out kayaking~


Wonderful! Jen

I am looking forward to the visit! The kayaks looks so great! : )