Sunday, July 11, 2010

my gentle bear logo

few years ago, I created "bear fishing" logos for a website logo competition. The idea was came from many famous "glamor" clothing brand logos... noted: my dad is a clothing connoisseur that he love to collect those famous European clothing brands. Every once of a while, I am fortune enough to wear some of his fine collections, I really love those fine clothing! Although I don't know how to spell the brand name, I recognize them from their interesting logos.. there are Crocodile, Fox, Dog and Penguin brands... very fine clothing indeed. So the idea here was to create a potential good animal star for this angling website (hint: they all love soft action rod). I thought the "gentle bear" with well bended rod could well represent the gentle personality of this website. Truth been told, I really love this logo! It is a winner! At least in my mind! Well, the bear did not win... maybe someday some clothing company will love to use my logo! : )


andyhaley said...

The pipe is very cool touch


Thanks Andy!

Fishing lately? a little bird told me the provo is fishing good on green drake! : )