Thursday, July 01, 2010

Catch Magazine - Congratulations! Bryan

Check out the fresh baked Catch Magazine! Now LINK.
it's so delicious! hmmmm yummy(in the fish point of view!).
My brother, Bryan Gregson strikes again! What a photo! Wonderful feel! It really made my day! : ) Check out BG's photography! LINK. Amazing work!


Hitoshi said...

Hey Mark,

The photograph of the back is you!
Cool Photpgraph!

This is B's(Mitugu Bizen) Fly Works Presents web site


Thanks for the website link! Hitoshi,

it's a real amazing to see those beautiful flies from Mitugu! and they are hand tie without vise! so cool...

Yes, a great memory on the provo river with BG. It was a hot hot hot weather... and sloooow fishing... but we had a lot of fun shooting photos...

wyoflyfish said...

I just got the new Trout from TU as well in the mail and there on the cover.... another BG shot.
He is fast becoming a very prolific FF/outdoor photographer!


Hi Sam,

He always told me he is still learning... and indeed, the fastest learner I have even seen... : ) a real talented fishy guy! : )