Saturday, July 17, 2010

cooking fish

I love fish in many ways... one of the best way to soothe the hard working day is to eat some good food. Eat some home style fish actually. My Mom give me this wonderful recipe about cooking fresh fish, fast and retaining all the natural flavor. The principle is very simple, put everything together and heat them up! My mom has this wonderful cooking philosophy that the freshest food need minimum cook to retain it's wonderful natural flavor. Wiseman listen to Mama!... as I always say. She is right! Put some oil on the pan and turn on the stove to mid power, at the same time open up the frozen fillet (it's still frozen)... put some green onion on the pan and put the "frozen fish "brick like"" on top of the green onion. Then, slice some ginger roots on top of the fillet. Close the lid, mid power for 5 minutes... as soon as you see the steam coming out of the pan, add some salts and few drops of rice wine (white wine is fine too) on top of the fish. Close the lip and wait another 2 minutes. That's it! a quick and fabulous dish! If you prefer salmon fillet, same way, just add some butter to smooth the flavor. The reason to put the green onion BETWEEN the pan and fish is because that way 1) you won't burn the fish (if you heat up too fast); 2) and also the sweetness of the green onion will get into the fish nicely. A very easy and delicious dish that full of "ocean"! : )


flyfishingunlimited said...

Awesome recipe Mark, I must try it!

Anonymous said...

looks good! I will try it, too.
BTW, I used the bass popper and green grass hopper fly you gave me at a small cape cod pond. large mouth bass and sunfish hammered the flies like crazy. ---- SNC


Thanks Vlad,
Hope you will love it! : )

That's cool! SN,
The hot weather should give you more top water action! I can't wait to fish the cape cod! Take care!

mia said...

Simple cooking is always the most delicious.