Saturday, July 03, 2010

half way painting - and upcoming fall

I woke up this morning, for some unknown reasons, my mind was thinking about salmon fishing in New England where the place I will be settled in the coming fall... and suddenly, the leaves outside of my window were all turning yellowish than it should be... I can feel the fall is coming, a great season for BBQ, camping and painting...weird! but how wonderful! I really feel the Autumn this morning... I even can picture myself fishing in a colorful lake for land-locked salmon. How exciting!
The painting is only on it's half way... and... it has been this way for almost one and a half year... maybe I should finish it soon to celebrate the upcoming fall @@.


flyfishingunlimited said...


Beautiful painting with autumn-like colors... I like autumns in New England and I hope this upcoming one will be a great one for you!

We have more rain today-very gloomy weather indeed...and it's summer :-(


Thanks Vlad,

Can't wait to fish together in the fall! I did not have much time to go out lately... even the weather is much better this week... good relief for us... hopefully the weather will get nicer to you soon! : )

Tim Jones said...

I think that one will look great when finished... but let's hold off on fall for a little while yet. :-)

paul said...

Hello Mark, If I read your comment right, is the move to new englan a permanent thing ? If so, I live in rhode island and fish for stripers, bass and carp. If you would like to connect sometime and fish let me know. Paul


Thanks Tim,

You are right about the weather!... I guess it's too hot here that make me a bit impatient about the Summer : )


Hey Paul,

Thanks for the invitation! I would love to fish with you for those species! Yes, I am moving in to Boston for the next year 2010-2011.not permanent... But I guess that's plenty of time to fish!
Keep in touch! Paul, I will keep you updated!