Monday, January 17, 2011

yuki - you are so cute!

well.... here is uncle Mark give you some recent report of our beloved - fly girl- yuki!
She is become cute-er and cute-er... OMG... I have gotten the same syndrome that my sister in law already severely infected - "My cuteeeest daughter (niece) in the whole world syndrome". What is the best part?! She is growing in the same trajectory of his father did(Leroy), I think she is aiming higher position though.... HA, what a exciting moment to talk about our new member - Yuki! It's a pure joy! Just want to share those photos with you guys, the first one is my baby brother - Leroy, and the second one is my little beautiful niece -Yuki. BTW, the pond on the background of Leroy is full of my youth memory! Me and my brother are the terminators of those big ponds in our backyard! : ) what a sweet memory!


zane said...

She is beautiful Mark! Have you got her a rod yet?


Thanks Zane! She is a cutie for sure!! I am still thinking what is the best for her! : ) will post it if some idea hit me.

Cameron Mortenson said...



Thanks Cameron,

I can't wait to teach her how to fish! : )