Monday, January 17, 2011

skagit master 2 - DVD

What an awesome DVD! featuring Scott Howell - steelheading outside the box!
A ton of beautiful fishing clips, awesome fish and great instructions. Most importantly, this crazy dude- Scott has reminded me what is the beauty of our sport, what is the essence of the art and creativity. It is not about fishing itself, it is about the "way" I enjoy the fishing. The "in and out" of the "box". My view of fly fishing can be summarize as scientific principles that express in a art form. the cast, the water and the fish all involving physics, ecology, animal behavior and the feeling blended into a art form to make me feel good about myself. I have mentioned this before in my another love - photography. It is a art form that "evaporate" from the rule of chemistry. same here in fly fishing.

Scott mentioned he is a very "intense person" when come down to fishing for steelhead. I can tell that from the passion he has expressed in the video. It is so great to see people so dedicated their life to fishing for steelhead. It just make you feel when concentrate on one thing, everything is possible. (So dose Ed Ward in his Skagit Master 1 DVD).

What I really learned from this great movie? I think besides all the great techniques in real fishing situations. The most important/exciting part is to keep my mind opened. Don't get yourself locked inside of the box. Keep learning, exploring and enjoy the life, passion, energetic and make everything possible! Great work! Scott and Jeff.


Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...I need to pay a couple bills and then I'm ordering this! Thanks for the review.


Ha... Cameron,

This DVD is so great!! It is circulating in our lab now. Give us one week, then I will mail it to you and Vlad, if you want to borrow.
talk soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words. One thing:

Why did you post the Leland Promo rather than the actual trailer of the show found at my You Tube channel? I think is sends the wrong message about the show. Leland is not Skagit Master. They lent 5 or 6 short scenes for the ska-opper intro and sponsored the show along with many others.

Is the actual show trailer.


Jeff Mishler


Ooops! my bad...

I linked the wrong one.
Thanks for the link, Jeff.
Putting up the right one!

take care,