Monday, January 24, 2011

smell like intruder

This past Sunday, I have decided to visit the local Orvis store in downtown Boston. After did a little bit research, I found out it actually fairly close to the T station on the state street. Only a few block walk, I was in the center of famous Quincy Market! What a beautiful store! It's always a great experience to visit Orvis stores, because people there are always friendly, and Orvis always stocking high quality tying materials. For weekend tier like me, quality is more important than quantity : ) Walking in a beautiful "candy" shop, what could you expect from a kid? I ended up buying more materials than what I need... @@. Most importantly, I just happened run into a bunch of nice Ostrich herls, very high quality, reasonable price, and amazingly beautiful dye! some nice saddles, marabous... ahh... Ijust can't resist all those nice feathers... My original goal is to stock up some tubes. Well, they happened to run out of it... but Steve later told me, no need for buying the HMH tubes, just pick up some coffee straws from the Red Barn coffee store about one block away. What? "Yes, I always tie my tube flies from the coffee straws". Well... I guess if it is free... it doesn't hurt to give it a try! : )

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