Thursday, January 06, 2011

winter steelheading (part 2)

Drive alone, always gives me a sense of freedom. Me, my truck and all the fishing gear on board. I enjoy the mixture sound of music, the roaring engine and the inter-talk of a free mind. I reviewed myself what I have done, what I have missed in the past year. Some sweet memories and some sad memories. It's all good! It was such a wonderful trip that just like chewing a plain but fresh bread, the more I think/ chew about myself the more flavors it come out. Me, driving alone the high way 90. no plan, no schedule, just one single mind- Fishing. The winter steelhead. Even the cheapest motel I crashed in suddenly turned into a Golden palace! It's a refuge, a comfort inn, a sweet home during the exploration - what I mean by exploration? It is a form that I review myself, the weakness, the strength, the risk and opportunities in my inner self. It is also a test of how comfortable it will be alone in the deep winter, steelheading.

The river is so clean and cold, close to freezing point that I almost can feel "the soup" is flowing in high density. The crunch sound from the snow field is so funny, I actually love it a lot! What a amazing trip, I am fishing in my own pace, slowly and steady, to feel what steelhead fishing is all about. The Zen, and this medication just fit my current mind very well... (photos first, story will come later...)


flyfishingunlimited said...


Glad you're doing some wild winter adventure and some soul-searching! Heavy, but good stuff!

Tight lines and hope the big one comes on the next swing!


Hey Vlad,

Nice to hear from you! It's cold here!!
I guess it is even colder in MN. : )
lot's of snow is coming... Hopefully I will have time to go out again. Just ordered a bunch of tying materials...
Tying season is here! : )
Take care!

wyoflyfish said...

Looks like a great trip Mark! Love the pictures you have on this trip.


Thank you Sam!

Hope you are doing well!
Happy New Year!