Thursday, January 27, 2011

go big! or go home..

Just read a great article in Deniki outdoors blog - LINK It is so refreshing to see people using big flies. I mean BIG FLIES. It reminded me all the great time I have in Alabama fish for stripers. Go big, or go home! Casting big flies requires specially attentions, debarbed hooks, eyes protections, and even helmet. Ha... The training will open up another window for predatory fish hunting. To me, that is exciting! One year, me and my fishing buddy Dennis decided to do a murky water bass fishing... he ended up hooked a 4 feet long gar in a murky water. It was so cool to see those big ancient fish! In south, you really don't need too many f;y patterns, one zonker, or put two tube zonkers together... down and dirty is what we play! : )
For short skagit line we have in the market today, it is so easy to cast those big and heavy zonker flies. As the article mentioned, keep tension, keep the momentum going and the casting will go smooth... I haven't fish the big murky water for steelhead yet, but I know there is time for big and heavy flies : )


zane said...

Yea Mark big meat = big fish thats my motto!!


That's right! Zane,

I miss this creek!!