Wednesday, January 12, 2011

define value

Yvon talk about "value" in his life, his view of life, business and our environment. Always refreshing, always positive! If you are a outdoors lover, you need to listen what he said. If you are struggling in your business, listen what suggestions he has to offer. "Patagoniaism" has become a profound commercial strategy, if not just a simple green move. Great stories! Yvon!


Phil said...

Hi Mark,
this guy is cool for a buisness man, I like what he had to say in the 180 deg south documentry.

Congrats on your Auburn Tigers.



Hey Phil,

How is going!?
I need to watch that movie! Patagonia is just a great company and set the standards in different ways!

Thanks for the good words, the game is awesome! I really enjoy it... Oregon played an outstanding game too! take care,