Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in love memory of pochi

"OK, doggie, from now on, you are a member of our family. I named you Pochi!"
He loved running, eating, swimming in the lake,
playing with Gyu, and chasing Kuro.
(sometimes too much)
He was a curious, active and very adorable boy.


A lovely dog we loved has passed away. My friend wrote a beautiful poem and made a sweet poster. It remind me how much people love him. Pochi is a lively and smart boy. He has a pair of beautiful emotional eyes, and yet bare a sort of secretive untamed wild spirit in his blood. He is a kind of character that reminded me it doesn't matter how long we have lived, but it matters the life way we have chosen. You will be missed! Pochi.


nell said...

It's never easy losing these beings that bring so much to our lives. It's a nice poster. So sorry.


indeed, It is a very sad moment
all the great memories... will live in the hearts.