Monday, October 25, 2010

fall is here

fall is here! amazing color is everywhere... I had a chance to visit a river and just felt I have to take a spey rod with me. swing, step and enjoy the fall setting... life is colorful and peaceful!
This particular spey rod was one of my favorite light rod, it is a G loomis Dredger 6/7 12'9. A wonderful full flex light rod. I paired it with a custom cut 370 grain skagit line about 20 feet, plus about 12 feet fast sink tip. The reel is one of the classic Mohlin salmon reel. well balanced and make the maneuver so effortless. The set up is aimed to match the heavy -weighted fury flies which might elicit the hunger of the big brown trout. Unfortunately, I only had smaller browns come into play, ha... it's fun enough! I was mainly casting Ed Ward's style - Skagit double spey, down stream perry poke and reverse C spey. It is so cool to see this soft rod just springing up and shoot the heavy fly right out. It's all about the circular moment and utilize the angular momentum! It's a true joy to cast those heavy sinktip and heavy fly!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Great pictures, Mark!

I am glad you were able to enjoy the fall colors on the water... Right now it is pretty wet up here-we have a very cold front going thru... Hopefully there will be some more nice days to enjoy before the winter kicks in.


Thanks Vlad,

It is so beautiful now... hardly can concentrate on the indoor work : )
there are many people already give me some nice advice about the cold winter... should be fun to see how a tropical animal try to adapt the cold... ha
we have some nice tailwater around, might need to prepare some gear for the winter fishing soon..

wyoflyfish said...

Wow Mark, I haven't been around lately but catching up, congratulations on the move. It looks like you are going to have a trouting paradise available to you for a while to come. Winter is finally hitting us here so your fall colors are warming me up.


Good to hear from you!
It is great to live here, but I think West is the best! : )
We have some great tailwater fishery around, so winter should be looking good...