Sunday, October 31, 2010

a beautiful song from the DNA

I don't talk much about my research in here, part of the reason is simply I want to keep this blog as "fishy" as possible. This is the place I hide all the "office regular". is is some of my rare science report. it has been a amazing life to work with the harvard group. Almost everyday.. new talks, new discussions... generating a lot of great ideas and I have learned a tons! I absolutely love my lab!! We have found something interesting from the DNA lately! We have been "fishing" from the "ocean like" genomic DNA from a lovely bird. and I have got some hot result that I want to share here! Those shining bar are DNA samples, each of the little bar represent different genes (most of them are different). Some of them are gold and some of them are not so gold. But, it's all good! We have been characterizing some of the good samples and found some interesting signals... I am so excited and almost lost my sleep!! It's amazing to work with the group!! Yeeehow... more DNA to go! : ) I am loving it!!

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