Saturday, June 05, 2010

forever young

I always enjoy spending my fishing time with friends, there is always something new to learn, whether it is a technical knowledge or it is a simple attitude, "the view of life". Frank is a friend that fish with me sometime, we don't call each other when we want to go fishing, we just meet at the riverside "occasionally" and we really enjoy the time together. He is a very humble person, a very skillful and knowledgeable fishing nerd and he is a lure fisherman, a super skillful lure fisherman I might add... it is so delightful to see him launch a 150 ft long cast and the lure set right in to a small pocket water. He is a fisherman with good attitude, humble, polite and witty. Unfortunately, He was one of the victim got laid off during the economy crisis last year... but, he always has positive attitude and his philosophy about it... This year, I am so glad to hear he get a new job! and the job can keep him fishing here... I am so glad for him! I told myself, if there is one day I have to go down in my life, I want to have a attitude he has. Always positive, forever young!
NOTE: On this very day, we exchanged our cell phone numbers, he said, "call me if you think you might want to go fishing..." that just made my day... now, I can call him and "beg" for more big fish stories if I get bored... note: Frank is a striper guru in this area, he frequently land 30 pound plus stripers on this water. This season, he has landed 20 fish already, and 4 of them are well over 20 lbs.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Ha Mark, based on your pictures, it looks like some pretty cool action was happening today. Great photos!!

I had to teach a weekend class today (and the weather sucks anyway), but I visited the jetty again two days ago... I got a couple of bass, but it was very slow.


Ha... thanks Vlad,

You got it right... great time spend on the water with a good friend... the water is crazy here too... but the results is unpredictable and unbelievable... : )

The weather here is pretty bad too... so humid... the fishing actually is not as good as last year ... (although fish is bigger)
people just showing up slowly...

wyoflyfish said...

It looks like the stripers are treating you well this year Mark.
Always nice to make a new fishing friend too.


Hey Sam,

They do treat us very well this year...they are saying goodbye to me I guess... I agree with you, it's so great to meet nice people on the river... : )