Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Scandinavian underhand casting - light line style

hi friends,
the summer is in it's full swing here in Alabama, it's hot weather and the water is low and clear...I just want to share some casting style I have been doing to cope with the spooky summer striper fishing. It's scandinavian light line style. What I mean "light line style" is by using a extremely light shooting head to cast a light/small flies. This will give me a extremely soft and accurate control. In this case, I was using Guideline LeCie 8/9 weight 13'7 fast action rod. This rod is extremely crispy on hands, felt like a regular 6 weight rod. It is amazing sensitive, thus it allows me to feel the light line and the subtle load. In the video, I was using a custom cut scandi head which is 270 grain and 24 feet + long mono tippet 10-17'. You probably won't believe this is a right match... but I just want to share my experience that I have so much fun to fish this light line style. This is the idea originated from the scandinavian casting father - Goran Anderssen. Hope you enjoy the video, comments and critics are welcome. (please enlarge the video to full screen to see the detail)

Scandinavian style light line spey casting from yuhina on Vimeo.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Love this video Mark! Effortless style and it shows that you don't always neeed a heavy can feel the loop better this way.

Thanks for posting!


Thanks Vlad,

I agree with you totally... I love the light feel... the rod allow me to keep "contacting" with the load... I enjoy casting this rod a lot... : )