Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food testing - Polish edition!

This is another Non-flyfishing related post! Be aware : )
but.. who can resist the calling of delicious food?! Since AD move in to our lab, and as I strategically make the family to live not more than 50 yards away from my house, I am so fortune to get the opportunity to take a glimpse of the food art from Polish people. Every time I visited AD and GS(AD's wife, a.k.a hungry terminator!), there is always fabulous food waiting for me, weather it is a fresh salad or a delicacy dish with beautiful decorations. They are always eye opening! If you guys allow me to speak for Polish food depends on those several month's experience.. Polish food are really emphasis on the natural flavor of freshness of the material.. fresh, smooth and full of natural energy (hmmmmm, I can hear the potato salad and tomato soup are calling me!). As a food lover and a amateur cook enthusiast. I have to say I absolutely love the Polish food! So far we have visited several restaurants together,I really enjoy talking about food and cooking with GS and AD; And also enjoy watching Stash gulping the delicious food! : )


flyfishingunlimited said...


Great post...! Food and friends, two great things in life!


Thanks Vlad!

Indeed! Two great things in life! : )
I feel fortune to have nice people around! I think I am going to cook some polish food for my friends soon!

Hitoshi said...

How to use chopsticks is better than me、lol
Food is good!


HA... Hitoshi san
I feel the same! need to re-learn how to use the chopsticks myself : )