Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dream species to pursuit - Ito

Dream species to pursuit.
I had a conversation with my brother BG years ago, about a dream place to visit in the future. I remembered Bryan proposed a trip to New Zealand chasing those giant brown trout. I told him if interested in chasing big trout, why not we just visit Hokkaido Japan? it's closer and the trout species are amazing there... included one of my dream species Ito - Sakhalin taimen Parahucho perryi (a.k.a ito, the ghost fish).

It's an amazing creature which can grow up to 2 meters/ 30 kg. Also, they are native species! Catching a fish in their native environment always has it's special place in my heart. I have wanted to catch one of those fish so bad, and the urge to pursuit them are just keep growing every time when I read about them. They are truly magnificent fish with mystery life cycle. Unfortunately,like other salmonoid species around the globe, the habitat loss has push those fish into the endangered species list... Recent conservation acts has put a lot of restrictions and regulations on this species in order to protect this the meantime... my dream to catch them is fading away... here is some video clips from University of Toronto, Dr. McLennan's lab is studying the evolution of salmonoid's breeding behavior. Check out all kinds of amazing salmon and trout clip from her lab! LINK

Recent post from a friend Yun's blog - Slow Fishing. Has shown a great time they have in catching one of those awesome fish...Great photo and wonderful article... check the post. Now... it seems I still have some hope in catching this magnificent fish... time to work harder and save some money... : )