Friday, June 25, 2010

fiberglass water - chewacla park

a creek full of energy!

"glass" water with a soulful reel

A tiny creek with a lot of green leaves are always has it's special place in my heart. I am lucky enough to have several of those tiny creeks around my house. This very one is located in a state park, just about 5 minute away from my desk. It's my favorite "fiberglass" creek. As you can tell those fish are always eager to test the "chewiness (a way of describing the spring action)" of a yellow rod, also their color is a perfect match with the yellow blank. It is a very soulful fishing! : ) I need it very bad on this week, because everything went wrong in the lab... "well... you got to enjoy those kind of black days because there are not many out there" I told myself with a positive attitude... and I remembered a voice had told me "when you are on the water, you just focus on fishing". That's right! I was so focus and so calm in this quick fishing trip. The tree the water just calm me down... needless to say some surprise actions from the #14 softhackle!

Sometimes I looks up, look for the light, the positive energy on top of my head : )

a little surprise from the 7x #14 softhackle! Thank you bass! : )


Tim Jones said...

Beautiful sunfish. The bass looks to be a Spotted? Neat picture of it.
Cool looking place to fish, very cool.


Thanks Tim,

it is spotted bass. good eye!
native species in this creek. It's a tiny water, yet, full of amazing creatures. : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Very beautiful, both the place and the pics, Mark!


Thanks Vlad,

It is a great place for me to take a break...