Saturday, June 12, 2010

saturday fishing

..finally it's Saturday again, and I knew I will feel good to see the river again! went to the "lazy spot" and met with another friend... it's a wonderful light_mist day...some great actions to give the rod and reel a wonderful workout... (to be continued)


flyfishingunlimited said...


What a nice music and pictures!

You know what... I was today near Spillville, Iowa-a small town where Dvorak spent some time, and worked on the exact piece you posted. Pretty amazing... You can still visit the old Bohemian church, and see the very same organ Dvorak played every Sunday, while he was there, over a century ago. I was going to fish some spring creeks not far away, but the weather was horrible, rainy.

There is always the next time... Thanks for the post!



Wow... Vlad,

that's a amazing story! so cool!
I would LOVE to visit that place! Thanks for the great story! "the new world" is a very special work to me,(I am sure it is very special to you as well :)... I chat to the friend about the leave for Boston today and the musical rhythm just switch on in my head. "Leave a new world to find another new world" : )

The fishing is a bit unpredictable this year, this is confirmed by other fisherman... I guess the weird weather pattern has some responsibility for that... hope the weather getting better and you have some nice action soon! Take care! Brother,