Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a letter from a friend - olivia fishing

every once of awhile, I received some letters from complete strangers started like this...
I love your web site and I love your art work...The attached photos are of us fishing the upper Gallatin river in Yellowstone National Park last July... She get's out on rivers and streams with me at least once a week if not more. I hope she becomes attached to moving water and trout like I am. I'm a pretty strong birder, so we go birding together, too...

Those people are so polite, they wrote the letter to ask if they can reproduce some of my paintings for their kids, or use the paintings for the screen saver. "It's my honor, if you like it, it's yours" I answered. To me, those people are giving me more than I can give them, a treasured photo, a treasured sweet memory and friendship... I really appreciate and treasure those letters... Thank you! I think I would love to share some of those lovely letters and photos here with my friends... : )

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