Sunday, September 06, 2009

"I like this type of limitation"

Dr. Ishigaki said "I like this type of limitation". It's the idea beyond "simplicity". That is the exactly idea that Fly Fishing is so attractive me. One silly little rod, one little fuzzy fly and the connection between me and the fish. The game of tug of the war! It's a primitive MUSCLE WRESTLING! : )


wyoflyfish said...

Neat video. I have read about tenkara in the past and think it would be quite fun to try. The simple elegance of it is very calming and it really boils fishing down to the essential and minimal elements.


Well said! Sam

I think the Tenkara really has it potential for the alpine lovers. It's also relatively simple to kids. To me, it's not "betraying" to fly fishing, instead, it is just add another rod to the already obesely rod collection!