Monday, September 07, 2009

Beauty of the native!

My brother SN just sent me those photos from Boston area. What a lucky guy! What a wonderful creek with native brookie thriving in there! (and occasionally some sea run brook trout!!) Just awesome! : )


Phil said...

I love Brook trout! I don't think there are any native here in Oregon, but I still like them.



Hey Phil,

You are right, brook trout are only native in the eastern side of North America. In the west, you have a similar, bigger species - Bull trout! They are all belong to the char family and they can hybridize with each other which can cause some serious issues.

BTW, I had a chance to visit Oregon and Idaho region in this summer and lucky enough had a chance to meet the bull trout, True magnificent fish!

bad fish said...

Sea run brook trout?! i would love to run into one of these, or better yet hook into one.


My brother actually hooked one sea run brookie last week,lucky him. He has been fly fishing for... only.. one month! May I say rookie's luck! Oh... he is getting into advanced fly fishing BTW.