Friday, April 03, 2009

The Best Attractor

The secret is out!! Cheech, a great fly tier and inventor from Utah, have created many of effective patterns for his buddies and me... but I think if I have to choose one to represent his creativity. This is the one! The secret is out... so I will tell you the story... Two Summer ago, me and my brother fished a spring creek... we had a blast by using this pattern all day! Last year, we floated the south fork Snake river again, the only dry flies I used in the three day long trip! This pattern hammered big cut, and big browns...the funny thing was, occasionally I did pair some hopper pattern with this grumpy frumpy fly...but every time the fish just told me they want the "grumpy". They want it bad. The summer is coming, if you are interested in fish some attractor pattern, this one is the winner! You can email Cheech directly, he will love to tie some for you...cheech link


cheech said...

Thanks Mark!! I have some new color combos too, but the yellow red is the best!


Hey Cheech, Keep up the good works! I will need some for this summer! I agree, the yellow - red is the winner!