Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Illustrator - David Walker

It's sort of fishing related! A great illustrator - David Walker His work make viewers smile...great skill, great sense of humors... just like fishing with friends... remind me we all had great times with friends... : )

Children's book has a special soft spot in my heart. I was grown up in a magical mountain village. Almost every morning, the village will broadcast some beautiful children's song to wake you up and followed with the announcement and reminders from our respected tribal leader. And the first thing people do in the morning were start to clean up the leaves from the street. In the summer time, we like to jump in the icy cold creek... birds, wildflowers and fresh mountain air. It's like a classic story in children's book. If I was not playing and fishing, I spend my time in the small village library (it's mandatory every morning...), but I did enjoyed all the children books.

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