Thursday, April 30, 2009

soft hackle

Soft Hackle _ Tied by Vlad.
I love soft hackle flies. Small clump of dubbing for the body, few turns of partridge or starling feather and you are ready to go. It’s hard to believe fish will fall on those tiny, “not very well tied” flies. Surprise, surprise and more surprise! No need for the complicated foraging theory or visual searching image hypothesis… You just need to try it by yourself and you will be a believer… just like me!… It’s a simple form of old technique, yet elegant and deadly! With the renaissance of the spey cast, the swing, and greaseline presentation… the softhackle fishing is coming back! I am so glad people start to talk about it again. Yeah! Talk about take a fish with a relax way!

I had a TON of fun fish for trout with softhackle last year in Utah. I cast them out and wish it with some good luck, then the current will take over and take care of the action where the hackle emit it’s voodoo power to the fish… and a simple pause of the line… fish is on the other end of the line. Don’t set the hook, I will add. The fish will set the hook for you. The form of soft hackle fishing is like you sent out an invitation message for a play to the fish, then all you need to do is wait and enjoy your surrounding. The fish will answer your invitation. Ha : )


Anonymous said...

love the simplicity. sometimes I think a lot of us tyers overthink a pattern too much.


I agree! JP
The simple pattern get a lot of "mojo" "voodoo" sometimes : )

Victorious!! said...

Mark!!! The craziest thing just happened- I play a word game called One Up Me, and I was chatting with a guy who also plays and we realized that we both know you! His name is Zach Matthews- he lives in Atlanta. How crazy?! Anyway, he gave me the link to your blog, so I thought I'd stop by and say HI! It's been a while- I hope you're doing well:) Where are you these days? Are you doing a post-doc? Take care!

Victorious!! said...