Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Expert gear fisherman - Frank

I do not gear fishing, simply because I don't know how. But my friend - Frank is very good at gear fishing, i would say he is the best gear fisherman I have ever seen. And he also fly fish too. Dual! It's such a pleasure to watch him cast a lure. very faaar, very precise. Alway into the sweet spots, sweet current. And,of course, he is a fish vacuum. You don't want to fish after him for sure... ha... but I had a great time to fish with him. A truly gentleman and he know the river and the fish behavior really really well! I even asked him if he got a biology degree...He did not. He just make the fishing professional (in attitude), but it's really sad to know he is unemployed from last year because of the economy down turn. He told me he is applying a new job, I heartily wish him all good luck and hope to see him as often as I can. I don't mind fish with fishing vacuum... really. I enjoy watching him fishing a lot!

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