Tuesday, April 21, 2009

let's cook up some noodles

I am a line freak...I have to try a line myself to be sure it's good or garbage. There are so many garbage (indeed) I have being using. What make a bad line? easy coiled, tangled, hard to shoot and have wrong configuration for my type of cast. So many wrong, BUT there is one benefit to use a bad line... they actually "improve" your casting ability. Why? Because they are so difficult to use, then they make you scrutiny and careful about every step of your casting. It is a good for training indeed. Like athletes handicap themselves in the training course. When you get a good line, on the other hand, you will feel it immediately! You will be the KING of the cast...The line goes wherever you want them to go... your elbow doesn't complain anymore and your mind just move to another state! Cast in the breeze is what others describe... : ). I recently required some new Airflo shooting head lines from RedShed. The AD said, It's so easy to cast, it's almost unfair! That is really true! Those shooting head are so great! Airflo use new material called polyurethane, it has low stretch and slick characteristics. I like it a lot! The Scandinavian shooting head was design for the use of light flies on the more calm surface. It's triangle design make it so easy to shoot a tight loop. You don't need to be careful about the D loop, just pop the line back and throw them away with your underhand... it give you a arrow loop and a soft landing! Superb! This is the type of fishing I really enjoy, stealthy and strategy.

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