Saturday, April 18, 2009

Henrik Mortensen - A Great Fisherman

Great caster, great instructor and great info in his website!
Quote from Henrik Mortensen
"Distance”"is an overused and inappropriate word and concept in the world of fly fishing. From the birth of the sport fly fishing, distance has never been a major factor. Distance is more important for another sport called casting, and this has nothing to do with “fly casting.” That distinction needs to be made clear.

If you are interested in fly fishing then distance shouldn’t be a factor in your decision about which fly fishing equipment to buy. Fly fishing takes brains, not brawn. Precision and presentation are what make a successful fly fisher. Almost all tackle manufactured these days is able to cast an appropriate distance, but not much tackle is made to enable control and presentation the fly from any position and any depth. This is the tackle that should be bought, and this is my personal design goal.


flyfishingunlimited said...

This is so true... an excellent quote, Mark! Thanks for posting it.


Glad you like it Vlad,
I like Henrik's idea too. Sometimes, I found myself get caught on the "advanced technologies" :P It's good to have those frontiers to remind me what is the essential of FF again...

Next time when someone ask me "Why fish fiberglass rods?" I know one of my answers would be like this... " fishing takes brains, not brawn!" ha... I think Cameron will agree with me too! : )

wyoflyfish said...

Great quote. He is exactly right too... distance has never been an emphasis for me. Nice to see some others with the same mindset out there.


Glad you like it wyofish, for all the beautiful trout you catch. I know you are telling the truth! : )