Saturday, October 04, 2008

You are my fish God

"How about set the alarm call around 5:30" I said.
"I don't know, don't miss the first light, they are only biting on the first light"You said.
"I know...I know... I just checked the sunrise schedule, we should have plenty of time"I said.
"Hey, it's 4:30am, about time to go" You said.
"Give me a break...Let's have a nap for another hour" I said.
"OK, I will check the websites though, maybe there are something interesting... you never know" You said.
"Wow...the Lamson reel is for sale now $220, Hard Alox" You said
"OK, OK I am up... let me make some coffee..."I said.
"Well...well.. but I am thinking a meiser spey rod too...if I buy this reel, I won't have enough money for the"You said.
" Coffee is ready, lot's of sugar... you will love it! Oh... don't forget to grab the banana" I said.(to be continued)


Cameron said...

"I am sending you $100 for that gem of a reel you sent." I said on the phone on your way back home from the river.

You said "Great...I'll buy the reel today!" are such a Rock Star staying up all night partying with friends...and then heading off to the river without sleep. It makes me feel old. HA...


Ha! Cameron.

You are my another fishing God! Thanks!

Not a real rock star, but I found "mountian dew" is better than "red bull" I am excited about our next meeting... don't know when, but I believe "the Fishing God" will arrange it! soon! :o)