Monday, October 06, 2008

You are my Catching God

why fish fiberglass? you said
why drink 21 year old whisky? I said
Because they are as good as they get old? you said

Hmmm, you are almost right, but not quite...
They are good but not necessary to be old... I said

Why fish graphite? I said.
Becuase they are light and fast action.
Light in hand and sensitive in fast and accurate delivery! you said.

Are they fun? I said.
Oh yeah, baby! Just like driving a Farrari, you turn whatever you want you feel the power and they give you wings... you said.

Hmmm... I kind of can feel that...
Are they fun when catch a fish? I said.

They might not as fun as the fiberglass, but they do catch fish with authority. you said.

You fish fiberglass? I said.
Oh, yeah. I love fish fiberglass too. You said.

Why fish fiberglass? I said
Hey! that's my original question Dude! You said.
(to be continued)


Cameron said...

Wonderful narrative...and that prewar was the perfect looking match for that rod. Are you sure you wanted to sell it?


Thanks Cameron...

All good memories are well registered in my heart! You will love it! I am looking forward to read the reel's next journey!