Saturday, October 18, 2008

Loop Multi 7120 test

This is an amazingly Light spey rod, 7 wt 12 feet, stiff scandinavian action. Good for shooting head system. But I am really into longer head spey line for single spey cast. I match it with Airflo Delta 6/7 line. Sweet light and fast action. It's a joy to cast. A plus!

(Image was modified from random photo, this is NOT my reel...)After reading Ed's explanation about how those old designed "palm plate" work... I realized I have misconceptualized this type of reel and it does work together with fingers to stop the powerful fish run. It's "a big Wow" to me! Here is what he said:
For those of you not familiar with the "Perfect" design, there is no need or advantage to incorporating a palming rim onto this type of reel. There is instead, a completely exposed spool face on the opposite side from the reel handle side (winding plate) of the reel. This exposed spool face provides for a superior "palming" surface than the "standard" palming rim. The spool face has a much greater surface area than a palming rim, plus it is located on the opposite side AWAY from the reel handle, thus reducing the incidence of "rapped knuckles". The spool face is better thought of as a "fingering" surface rather than a "palming" surface. The finger-feathering aspect of this reel design provides for manual application of drag from the lightest of fingertip pressure, to a full-on lockup of the reel if need be. This wide range of pressure can be effected immediately, instantaneously, and with great precision and accuracy. It is a bit different than standard palming, but takes no time at all to get used to - place the heel of the palm onto the bottom of the reel, reach around with the fingertips onto the spool face, apply pressure as needed. The bottom of the reel frame provides a solid "base" from which to direct these actions. Adding a palming rim would remove this "solid base" and thus reduce the range and precision of manual braking.

In my experience, there is a no more effective "light tackle" fish fighting capability than the exposed spool face of the Perfect design. As stated before, the finger-feathering mode is the widest ranging, most precise, and time-reactive method for applying manual drag. I have yet to run across any other method of reel drag that can land fish as quickly and efficiently as the exposed spool approach of the Perfect. I am EXTREMELY surprised that no other reel manufacturer has pursued this concept. I would fish no other type of a reel design if it weren't for the fact that the Hardy Perfects I have are very susceptible to corrosion problems, even in freshwater applications.

There is nothing I would like better than to be able to pursue tide Kings and Silvers with a reel that has an exposed spool face - talk about down-n-dirty fighting tactics! Wooohooo, there would be some burnt fingers!!!


Cameron said...

Mark...nice review and where did you get that photo of the Perfect reel?

Have you checked out You NEED one of his reels. Listen to them sing on the videos.

I've got to get a two hander. Sooner than later.



yes yes yes... the is "poisoning" me! I am solded for the old design! I am sure the date of using those pure reel is not far! : )

I found the perfect reel image from a UK store (google image search)... I borrow it and modified it with Photoshop software.

BG said...

Oh boy... this same thing has been on my mind lately (loop rod). I am thinking of backing out of the snow for awhile, my body is just too hammered and my other knee (not the one I blew out a few years back)is begging me to stop riding... But there would be a empty void in my life and what would I do fill it... I have been thinking about this for a few years now and finally thought I'd follow my fathers Canadian roots and head to his home waters to follow Salmon and Steelhead around.... this might be my last season on the snow for awhile but I'm not sure. I hitting Stealies one was or the other this year though, hope I don't get addicted ; )

Winter trip???


ha bg,

Great to hear you are in too... obviously we did not talk about this "special issue" very often... maybe let's make some plan.... oh boy... maybe fishing together, but at least we can swap some tackles in the future... BTW... I am Not going to live in a place without trout again... trust me... : P