Sunday, October 19, 2008

steelhead color on the wood

I am an old fan of steelhead, I have been a member of a steelhead website. Washionton Fly Fishing Dot Com. Time after time, those beautiful steelhead images from the Pacific North West are really inspiring me, fueled up all the crazy idea of my painting and my wild dream of being a steelheader. I was able to use some of the "swing" tricks to catch some of the toughest stripers in rivers. Or some of the smarty trout in the western barren land. Yet, haven't any success to obtain any steelhead in close. I decided to do some art for them...however, here is one of my woodcut print from earlier this year. I was amazed by it brilliant color and the massive power. I think woodcut print would be a good meadia to represent steelhead's unique characters. I will do more in this coming winter... The weather is turning in to the winter mode, following the plummet temperature and the smoky chimney flavor in the air... I think I am almost ready for a cup of red wine and do some work! :O)


Cameron said...

DRINK RED WINE...and WORK! I had a few glasses last night of a decent Pinot Noir and enjoyed a cool fall evening.

I've been thinking of steelhead, salmon, and lake run brown trout daily. I want a two hander...and then take a trip!



Yes, the winter just fall on us quietly on this past weekend! I obtained a bottle of red wine (cheap). It seems the weather has facilitate the mood of painting a lot lately. Hopefully I will find some spare time and maybe we can sip some wine together in this winter... : )

Looking forward to read the report of your coming trip!

BG said...

Mark your talent is endless, simply amazing.


Thanks bg.
Your photoshopping are getting uncontrol as well... (in a good way).

Keep up all the good writing work and adventures! I am your honest reader here! : )

Cameron said...

Mark...we tried to get together this maybe we can plan something this winter. I might have a long weekend coming up after the first of the year that we could look at.


Beginning of next year would be great... Davidson again? :D
Those trout are not forgiving!