Thursday, October 30, 2008

some flyfishing thought

Simple life
(Warning: I drink and write... expect a lot of typo and grammar error)
As far as I know, only few kind of people promote “simple life”. Monk is the one come to my mind first. If restrict the sampling population to the group of outdoors gear manufacturers, simple life must be counter business policy. As we all knows, the latest and newest are the best and provide best outdoors compatibilities. Weird enough, Yvon Chouinard, the president of Patagonia- an outdoor clothing manufacturer, he does promote simple life. He said you don’t need a lot of clothing to fit any single different situation, instead, you need a good one to fit most of the situation. How weird is that! Not prompt consuming, but simple principle. Strange enough, their good products are rapidly recognized by outdoors and also indoors communities.

Simple life in fly fishing community. No way! just read an old article about the generation gap between flyfisherman. The fly rod and reel Magazine interviewed 3 different characters to represent 3 generations and ask them about if there is a generation gap in fly fishing community? Ryan Dave, Kelly Gallop and John Gierach. Interesting enough, two of the younger guys are consistence worrying about the generation gap are forming because of lacking of young new blood in this sport, and this gap is even largely exaggerated by the marketing strategies of the ff manufacturers. “Higher price, better product and of course guaranteed more fun.” John Gierach’s answer are more mild as he cut into this issue in a special angle which is a very refreshing way to think about “things”. If there is one, it’s the people want it that way. And most importantly people fit into the scene that way. It’s inner force that responsible in driving the difference (the gaps is existing within generation AND between generation). “Every morning is different that's why it bother to get off the bed” ha, what a brilliant way to state the issue. Maybe there are some folks are get into the sport by watching certain movies or books, but there should be something different to keep them going other than just the initial force. And those different elements was shaping all the funky or stubbornness on the riverside. You choose what you want to be, young or old. “The only difference is younger guys still have time to grow out of it”. All interesting reads, what I thought is fall into between, and most important it’s echo what I have stated earlier the idea of simple life. OK, keep talk about John, since he become a important character in my FF readings. John was known for his simple attitude of ff. T-shirt, Jeans and stocking boots. Bamboo rod, dry fly and some remote mountain creeks. He is not promoting simple life per se. (Are you kidding me?) How many of us can afford a bamboo rod? Frequent trips to remote mountain creeks? How many of us can fish like trout bum? We dream about it, and that is,pretty much, all about it. We have our daily responsibilities, 9-5 jobs, and most of us are always away from the creek that have beautiful trout live in it. We are weekend worriers. We fish somewhere that is crowed. We fish somewhere that is close to us and can be easily squeeze in between works. Even you don’t want to fish for bass, but you have to, because this is the only fish swim in the creek and they will bite if you stripe the streamer hard enough. Yak. But all of those should NOT be used as a counter evidence to against John’s simple life. Instead, I agree what he has promote is simple life, or more accurately is the "relative principle" of simple life. It’s all relative what you can get or what you have got.


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