Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yellow Fenwick - little yellow



flyfishingunlimited said...

Mark, that is a very nice looking combo. Yellow Fenwick glass and Young reel is a stylish combination... I bet it also feels nicely balanced in hand.


Thanks Vlad,

Good call, it balance just right. I like it a lot. Not like my another Lamiglas 3wt, the Yellow Fenwick is a bit heavier and powerful (more bamboo feel). This young reel is a great match. I have lot's fun roll cast it today in the home creek. : )

cheech said...

it's a great rod! Many trout in Utah have been fooled by it.


Hey Cheech
I thought you didn't fish much...ha... glad to hear you have fun with this rod! I like the rod better now... has some "trout feelings" in it! Looking forward to fish with you again Cheech... BTW. I will post your wonderful flies soon... I am waiting for the camera now... Mark