Monday, July 07, 2008

Utah Count Down 7


Anonymous said...

Is that a yellow kern river emerger that I see in the flybox?


Thanks for stopping by.
Not exactly sure which one you indicate here, but the yellow thorax flies in the box is called split-case PMD, a emerger pattern developed in the provo region (that's what I have been told from the Four Seasons Fly Shop). It was yellow foam in the thorax and covered by the goose biots, imitating the PMD emerge from the bottom and splitting their case.

BG said...

LOL.... Great memory's Mark! Its almost time to get back to the creek again, its going to be a great adventure..... See ya soon!


Almost time Ideed! Brother...
Got to start working on the flies... : ) big time!

3 "R"s are all ready!
Rods.. Reels.. Red Bulls..

"they give you wings" he he : )

nick said...

Love the little videos. Heard a lot about you from Bryan (all good things so don't worry ; ) ). Hopefully our paths will cross a time or two while you are in town.


Hey Nick,

Thanks for the kind words! I can't wait to fish with you guys... : )
Utah is a amazing place... I am looking forward to read more fishing stories from your group!
Take care! Mark